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We understand that individual needs are unique and evolve. We are dedicated to providing solutions at every stage of life. At SDC CPA, we offer comprehensive planning and compliance services for all aspects of your financial life.

Tax Compliance

We know that taxes can be a challenge, especially if you have 1099 gig work, real estate holdings, or other complexities. We work closely with you to ensure that you meet all your tax obligations while maximizing deductions and credits to reduce your tax liability. Whether you need assistance with tax planning, filing your annual tax return, or addressing any tax-related inquiries, we provide personalized guidance and support.

Navigating the United States tax code, and it’s ever-changing tax regulations, can be a daunting task. Ensuring compliance with tax laws is not only essential to avoid penalties and legal complications but also to optimize your financial position.

Our services include:

Tax Planning: We provide personalized tax planning strategies to minimize your tax liability and ensure you take advantage of all applicable tax-saving opportunities. Our services include:

  • Analyzing your financial situation to identify tax-saving opportunities.

  • Advising on tax-efficient investment strategies.

  • Planning for significant life events that have tax implications, such as marriage, home purchases, and retirement.

Tax Return Preparation: Our tax preparation services are thorough, accurate, and tailored to your unique financial situation. We ensure compliance with the latest tax laws and regulations. Services include:

  • Preparation of federal, state, and local income tax returns.

  • Electronic filing for a faster refund.

  • Review of past tax returns for potential additional savings.

IRS Representation: In case of IRS audits or disputes, we act as your advocates, helping you navigate the process and achieve a fair resolution. Our services include:

  • Communicating with the IRS to resolve issues.

  • Assisting with audits and negotiations.

  • Advising on tax dispute resolution and appeals.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services help you achieve your long-term financial goals. We offer:

  • A financial portal where you can monitor spending and balances, set up budgets, and more.

  • Retirement planning to secure your financial future.

  • Education funding strategies for your family’s academic goals.

  • Debt management and cashflow budgeting

  • Gift/estate planning

Business consulting for Self-Employed Individuals

You have a vision, we can help you achieve it. We offer:

  • Business entity selection and restructuring.

  • Self-employment tax planning and compliance.

  • Assistance with setting up bookkeeping

  • Retirement planning

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