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Owe Back Taxes?

Are you behind on taxes? Have you received notices from the IRS requesting delinquent returns? Feeling Overwhelmed? Struggling with back taxes can be overwhelming, but you don't have to face it alone. We can help.

Understanding Your Tax Obligations

  • Statute of Limitations. If you have a filing requirement, it is important to file the return, as the IRS statute of limitations does not begin until the return is filed. This means the IRS can inquire about that tax year indefinitely until a return is filed.

  • Substitute Tax Return. If you have received an IRS notice requesting a tax return, you should respond as soon as possible. If you do not the IRS will likely prepare a substitute return for you. Substitute returns do not take advantage of tax deductions and credits.

  • Refunds. To claim a potential refund, you have to file a return claiming the refund within 3 years of the original tax return due date.

Filing Back Tax Returns

  • Review Notices and Letters. We will review communications from the IRS, assess your liability for unfiled taxes and develop a plan.

  • Gathering Documentation. We can assist you in collecting the necessary documentation to prepare the back tax returns.

  • Preparing and Filing the Returns. We prepare and file the returns, taking all appropriate deductions and credits.

  • Pay Tax and Penalties Due. If you are unable to pay the full amount, we can assist with setting up an installment agreement with the IRS.

  • Penalty Abatement. If you are eligible, we can assist with requesting penalty abatement, which may reduce or eliminate penalties for late filing.

Preventing Future Issues

  • Stay Compliant. Once your back taxes have been resolved, we will provide guidance for staying compliant.

  • Tax Planning. We can offer strategic tax planning services to help you manage your finances and make informed decisions to minimize your future tax liabilities.

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